So grateful for Dorothy’s help in finding placement for my 93-year-old father after a wandering incident resulting in a fall and Hospitalization.  My brother and I knew little about dementia, how fast it can progress and we thought Dad was safe in his independent living apartment in Petaluma.

When the hospital’s social worker advised he be moved to a residential care home or memory care facility, we didn’t know where to begin.  We were overwhelmed with caregiving, researching facilities, managing private caregivers, while trying to keep our full-time jobs.

Dorothy interviewed Dad in his apartment, and spent a lot of time with me in person, over the phone, and through e-mails. She arranged interviews with prospective care homes she had visited that were within Dad’s budget and placed us on several waiting lists.  

Because of the housing shortage and loss of several quality care homes since the Santa Rosa/Sonoma county fires, we had a longer wait than expected which was extremely disheartening. I wanted the best for Dad and didn’t want to move him twice.

Dorothy was an empathetic listener and gave appropriate and wise feedback when I needed it most. Dorothy prepared much of the paperwork/forms required and guided me on how to complete them, all while dealing with the stress of applying for Dad’s conservatorship and VA benefits.  

Thanks to her dedication, her extensive knowledge and contacts, we found a Memory care facility with a secured perimeter that was the best choice for Dad and he has adjusted well.

We can rest assured he is in the right community and has kind caregivers with the specialized dementia training needed. Now when we visit him, we can focus on spending quality time together.

Thank you, Dorothy for providing such a valuable and much needed service for seniors and their families.

~Leslie H.

Dorothy came to us as a referral from a friend with experience in geriatric care. It was wonderful (and a huge relief) to work with Dorothy.

Her intervention was pivotal in interrupting a compulsive gambling addiction my mom had fallen prey to over the past few years.

After loads of lost trust and some $50,000 forfeited to phone scammers, mom's addictive pattern and denial had to be confronted.

Watching Dorothy work, staying close and connected to my mom as she confronted her with the facts in a methodical way, all along staying compassionate and connected to my mom on an emotional level, was astounding and deeply touched me.

A skilled communicator, Dorothy was always prompt in responding to my calls, kind and professional.

I feel more at ease knowing I can call on her as resource for these times of my mom's end of life transitions.

~David Leake